Xi-Cai-outdoor-installation-2011-"Air"-imagelink to video view 1 of 2 Xi-Cai-outdoor-installation-2011-"Air"-imagelink to video view 2 of 2
These images link to 1-minute videos at http://youtu.be/83VqU67FVcQ and http://youtu.be/7WGgncP00pg. Inspired by the spider web’s strength, resistance and liveliness, Cai Xi designed and built this fabric installation sculpture entitled ‘Sky Earth Wind Flow: Air” during July 2011 in the front garden at the C. X Silver Gallery and Dim Sum Teahouse on Route 9 in West Brattleboro, Vermont. The installation materials are nylon netting and ribbons. The dimensions are variable, up to 14 feet high and 50 feet across. “Growing up in China, I saw people using wind to hang all sorts of things: banner, laundry, lanterns, pickles, noodles. It gives me a feeling of connectedness with my surroundings, a sense of uplift and moving forward.”