Pink Slip Project outdoor installation at Brattleboro Museum

Pink Slip Project outdoor installation at Brattleboro Museum

Conceived, designed and installed by Cai, the Pink Slip Project had both outdoor and indoor components as part of Brattleboro Museum’s exhibition, ‘Hot Pot: A Taste of Contemporary Chinese Art.’ 3/16/13-6/23/13 in Brattleboro, Vermont. This video documents the outdoor part of the installation, a fabric wind sculpture displayed on the exterior of the Museum building for the duration of the 12-week exhibition. This installation consisted of 84 pink garments each designed and sewn by Cai, then sewn in groups of 28 to 3 8-by-8-foot tarps which were then installed in 3 of the exterior bays of the Museum exterior. These garments are the same artifacts that have been featured before and since the exhibition as wearable art in the participatory conversation-as-art component of the Pink Slip Slip Project known as Our Meal Table gatherings, forums to share personal experiences of workplace challenges and difficulties with the goals of individuals finding their own inner strength and resilience. Further information can found by exploring pinkslipproject dot tumblr dot com.